The Federal House of Representatives have agreed to hold a public hearing on the controversial Control of Infectious Diseases bill.

The bill, which was proposed by speaker of the house, Femi Gbajabiamila on tuesday the 28th of April, was met with public outcry after after it was reported that it was plagarised and contained clauses that infringe on the basic rights of Nigerians.

Also CUPP had yesterday called on opposition law makers to to disrupt house sitting..

In his remarks to the house during plenary today, the speaker announced that The Control of Infectious Diseases Bill will be put forward to a public hearing where stakeholder contributions will be sought to make improvements to the Bill before it is reviewed and debated by the Committee of the whole.

According to him, “It is from the accumulation of these myriad views, suggestions and good faith critiques from within and outside the House that we will arrive at final legislation that meets the present and future needs of our country, and which we all can support in good conscience.”

In his statement forwarded to journalists, Gbajabiamila said the parliament of the people is not an echo chamber. It is a marketplace of ideas where only those proposals that gain currency with the majority should carry the day.

Responding to his critics, the speaker said “all things are to be examined, and there are no limits set to the thoughts and imaginations that should animate the conversations about our nationhood. Yet these conversations must be factual and informed rather than conspiratorial and divisive.”

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