Veteran cinematographer Clarence Peters has finally shared his own story as regards the death of popular video vixen Picture Kodak.

It’s been 5 days since the video vixen died and there has been some rumours surrounding her death. Clarence Peters, head of Capital Pictures made a public statement as would be expected after the unfortunate incident happened at his studio.

Taking to Instagram, the music video director stated tg cause of Kodak’s death as reported by eye witnesses who were with her. According to Peters, the video vixen was electrocuted and had burns on her chest from her phone.

Still in his note, Peters revealed that the electrocuted dancer was rejected by three hospitals were she was rushed to for treatment. Sadly, she was confirmed dead 30 minutes later at the third hospital.

He also clarified that he was not arrested by the police as reported but he willing submitted himself for questioning. However, an autopsy report is yet to be revealed to ascertain the cause of her death.

The video director said the late dancer would be missed by the entire crew.


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