‘How i won #GloIn60Seconds Contest’ Enugu’s Young Female rapper Olaedo Paragon

ENUGU’s Young female rapper was excited as she won GLOIN60SECONDS  Contest (week2). The young artist who couldn’t hide her joy narrated her success story  to BONA NAIJA.

“I was at home one afternoon , going through my Instagram when I saw glo sponsored ad,and on it was the advert for #gloin60seconds competition,i was very happy because to me its a great opportunity, But I felt bad also,I had nothing on me,no money to go record in the studio,then i called my producer (Djrobitonzz) and told him about it,he said I should come let’s Know how to fix it, I went to the studio,then he blessed me with the recording, afterward ,I uploaded my video, registered on glo site, then shared it to all my friends to go mention @globalcomunication…..after all the tags,Glo posted week one winners and I wasn’t among, Awww! I felt very bad,But when I inquired from them they said the name on my sim doesn’t match with the one I typed on their site,they also said I can still correct the mistake and resubmit my video for week two,Then I did as i was told….behold I was called…. Yes !!! They called me and announced I was one of the winners”


The young rapper has been steady in her music as she has a number of single to her credit. She was also one of the winners of ZORO’s Mbada Cover competition in 2018.

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