Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, the Prince of the Senate was conferred with the chieftaincy title, Ikemba Ndigbo, Amichi by his HRM Igwe Ezeoke of Amichi kingdom.

This title has provoked conversations with very few persons making baseless attempts to question the bases for the conferment. In their myopic view, they claimed that Ikemba as a title is an exclusive right of our late sage, Chief Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi, Ezeigbo Gburugburu.

Those against the conferment are either sworn enemies, those envious of the rising profile of the Prince of the Senate, or those who have refused to crosscheck history and understand that names either by title or otherwise are never an exclusive right of anyone. And that’s the standard practice all over the world.

I sincerely believe that people bear names of great men in appreciation of who they were and achievements they recorded, so as to follow their footpath. Many also bear names of their Role Models.

God is translated in Igbo language as “Chukwu.” In Igbo land, many bear the name Chukwu. They do not bear it to ridicule God, but in solidarity and humility. As revered as Jesus Christ is, many bear Jesus. Some prefix Jesus to their names to express love for the Son of God.

Let me educate those against the conferment that it is only the names of evil men that people are afraid of bearing after them. It is difficult to see anyone bear, Satan, Lucifer, Hitler, etc.

Even in the churches especially the Catholic community, new Popes forgo their names to bear names after papal saints who impressed them during their reigns.

Why then do sworn enemies want the name of Ikemba forgotten. Trying to forbid our people from bearing his title name as a mark of honour and greatness.

Apart from envy, those against the conferment of Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah as Ikemba Ndigbo have not cited any great man who was loved by his people and did great things for mankind that his people forbade anybody from bearing his name in appreciation, solidarity and recognition of his feats.

Apart from Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, there are many other Igbos who bear Ikemba. I am aware some bear Ikemba in order to be Ojukwu-like especially in his resolve to fighting the cause of Ndigbo.

Is Ojukwu an “evil” that his name should be forbidden and whoever that bears his name should be banished?

I will be glad to see Ikemba chieftaincy title given to distinguished Igbo leaders who can at all times stand for the collective agenda of our people like Ojukwu did.

Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has distinguished himself in this regard. Apart from Ezeigbo Gburugburu, Ifeanyi Ubah has been the only Igbo man that went outside southeast to mobilise Ndigbo in Lagos state to vote for Igbo candidates in Lagos state and for the first time since 1999, Ndigbo won elections into House of Reps and state assembly.

Recently, when the news that the trade fair complex which housed majority of igbo traders in Lagos state was under revocation, it was Ifeanyi Ubah who braved courage to bring that issue under control.

He is again, the only Igbo leader who has shown concern on the difficulties occasioned by visa application process on Igbo traders. To this, the Ikemba Ndigbo convened a meeting of Igbo traders and Chinese consul where it was ameliorated.

Sometime in 2012, when Ladipo market Lagos was under quit notice by the Lagos atate govt, it was Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who was on hand to resolve that dispute.

Ikemba Ojukwu gave Ndigbo a leadership direction. Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah is doing same. Ojukwu identified with APGA as a vehicle to our political emancipation, but unfortunately, some scavengers invaded APGA and turned it into a money making machine for self aggrandizement. Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah has identified with a new political open door for Ndigbo.

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In two occasions, it was Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah that rescued APGA from extinction. In 2013, he was on hand to rescue APGA and returned Chief Victor Umeh who was then sacked by an Enugu state high court.

In 2017, he formed AfaIgboEfuna at a time gov Obiano was helpless and about to throw in the towel. Ifeanyi Ubah delivered Obiano and gave APGA another breath of life.

But since the scavengers in APGA are determined to see to the demise of the Igbo party, Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah has breathed life into a new political party that has ushered in an open door to Ndigbo political quest.

Ifeanyi Ubah has show great commitment towards our collective agenda that he should move from Ikemba Ndigbo Amichi, to Ikemba Ndigbo II.

You can hate IKEMBA, Ifeanyi Ubah for political reasons, but you can’t deny his passion and love for Igbo cause. You can’t deny his braveness and courage in defending our people wherever their rights were stampeded.

Those against his new title is only being jealous of what he has become in pursuit of his resolve to engineer a new conversation on recovery of Igbo economy.

Daalu nu.

Eneh Victor Chigozie.
Ukpor, Nnewi South.

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