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Only Revolution Can Change Current Situation in Nigeria – Dele Farotimi



Dele Farotimi
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Human rights activist Dele Farotimi has stated that only revolution can transform the current Nigerian situation, which has led citizens to abject poverty.

He stated this via his X account on Thursday while noting that all institutions in the country have been compromised.

“Only a revolution can change our situation, the challenges are how to catalyze one, and how to keep it from dissolving into anarchy. The ruining crass is incapable of self-regulation, its myopia is exceedingly destructive, and all institutions of state have been compromised.”

Reacting, an X user with the username @TemitopeOJT noted, “Even if revolution happens, the corruption won’t stop. It will likely become worse as ‘new’ people will see it as opportunity to ‘chop’ too. Nigeria is too big and tribal to fight corruption. Break up will help a little.”

“My suggestion has to do with proper planning. a small group of people will have to come together and brainstorm on this within a given period.


“Then reach out to key people to know who will be interested in getting involved.

“A subtle campaign will need to start on different platforms and in different groups. and it must be strategic and focused.

“A clear agenda must be set, and then the matching out can begin. Only around government establishments, not blocking the passage of the common man. Everything that is done must be properly recorded.

“There have to be people whose job is to secretly move among the crowd to identify anyone who could be a danger, and once you step out to protest, everything must be covered live and recorded. All agents of the protest must wear body cameras with mics to also capture voice.

“After every day, there must be a team that continuously reviews the footage to ensure that they can fish out or keep an eye on anyone who can become erratic. Every day the message must be clear just like Ghandi always emphasized, it must be peaceful.

“There is a need to as look out for people in government who are dissatisfied with the situation and would want to be a part of the solution, there are people just waiting to join a change vehicle,” @fibre005 opined.

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