Men Want More Than Just Big in the Size of Boobs #lovewemake




You probably know a lot of men obsessed over boobs especially if they’re big, but men want more than just big.

A lot of people have been under the impression that men just love big boobs and that’s all to it. Sadly, as a guy that is not completely true even before science has come out to prove it.

According to Huffington Post, a new study has revealed that men only obsessed with big boobs may not be completely true. When they carried out a survey among 267 men who were asked to rate pictures of boobs they love, they were able to deduce that it was more of shape than size, the male brain considers when analyzing boobs’ attractiveness.

If men are attracted to shape, what kind of shape do they fancy then, and also importantly, why do they fancy those shape.

According to Huffington Post and the cross cultural survey of this study, it suggested that among men from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia that were surveyed, the most important visual component is the breast morphology and not the size. The authors speculated that it’s the shape of the breast that tells the male if the female is fertile.

Across the countries, cultures and tribes surveyed, it’s perfectly safe to say that the firmness of the breasts is top priority for guys.

So, is there a reason why firm boobs are deemed more fertile than big bouncy boobs? According to the researchers, boobs change with the amount of children a woman gives birth to. The kids sucking the boobs takes a toll on the boobs’ firmness.

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