JONNYMANPUSH: The Passion to build a dedicated Youth for a progressive society – Com. Onyeije

Think of what to do for your immediate society irrespective of economic issues in the country.

With a collective effort we are sure of a better society for our children.

We are sending a message of Ethics, Love, peace, transparency, integrity, humane and being cultured to our young people.

Our push is moved by passion, vision, sacrifice and unification of love for our people. Its time to build our nation and stop casting aspersion of not having dedicated youths to join hands with our government to build our society.

Jonnymanpush means business; we are ready to put all effort to see a working and progressive Enugu State and Nigeria as a whole.

We are ready to help the road safety/Enugu VIO to reduce congestion of vehicles as we know that not all the roads are car worthy.

We have realised that most youths expecially the teenagers are victims of molestation, dastartard treatments from parents/step mothers, intimidation and destitution, so we decided to create an awareness to enlighten them on how to manage and alert people when they come across such evil people around them.

We encourage people to help each other, because you are poor if you keep your money to only yourself without giving out to the needy, You are not human if you keep mute when you see children around you go through hard times.

We have found out a lot of challenges facing children in the course of our community outreach programme “GIVING BACK TO THE STREET” .

We once asked a young boy why he didn’t attend sunday service, he said he loves sleeping, that no one wakes him up, he was asked about his parents and he said that his mother is late.

The story of a little girl from Delta State, SUCCESS by name is still fresh in our memories, how she was able to speakout through someone, today she is one of our heroin because she has unveiled the ills of government schools in rural areas.

We have discovered many dilapidated schools in rural communities.

That is actually part of what we want to present to the government and philanthropic individuals to help build them for the future.

No one is rich and no one is poor, there is always a way to impact on people around you positively.

Let’s send a message to the children, lets find out their challenges, lets cross boundaries to renovate what bad governance created. Its achievable if you commit to it.

Comr Onyeije Chibuzo
Convener; Jonnymanpush and youths participation in Nigerian Politics and Strategy

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