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Tv Presenter, IfyMelody Flags Off Her Inspirational Series



▪︎ IfyMelody Celebrates her birthday In a special way; Inspiring The Next Generation, Through Her Inspirational Series

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Top radio talk show host and TV personality Ifeoma Ajumobi popularly known as IfyMelody flagged off her Inspirational series “Inspire with IfyMelody” on her birthday on the 21st of July 2023 at the Amadeo Event Center Enugu. The event themed ‘inspiring the next generation’, gathered young girls and boys between the ages of 16-25, it was an event that really gave direction to the young people who spent time listening and learning from the experiences of notable young enterpreneurs providing real solutions.

Ifeoma Ajumobi (IfyMelody)

Speaking about what inspired her to host the event especially on her birthday, Ifeoma Ajumobi said “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and also what I believe in, such as inspiration and motivation and with that people can do a whole lot more. I think one of the things we are lacking in Nigeria at the moment is inspiring and motivational leaders. Our leaders are not motivational enough, and I think one of the things many young people need now is good role models and inspiration.

If you look at the western world they don’t joke with inspiration or showing and showcasing people who’ve gone an exemplary road, they get them to come and talk to young people all the time.

”I had a leading and I was just following my leading, but after that event took place I knew it couldn’t be a one-time thing, and I also realized the scope needed to expand because it’s not just that age bracket that needs inspiration. It was my birthday and I didn’t want it to be about me, but about young people learning the ropes and learning it right and not being deceived. Sir Robert Anwatu will always say first things first, pay your dues. There’s a period for learning, growing and sowing seed and there’s a period for harvesting

“Right now in Nigeria we are in very tough times, and it’s not the time to buckle under pressure but we should be looking for solutions from every angle that we can, and this is the time when our leaders should be able to set up competitions to solve problems, and those who can come out with solutions should be rewarded, and that was what the event was all about and in the course of the event we rewarded people”.

The event which was graced with speeches from speakers such as the seasoned business leader the Chairman of Roban Group Sir Robert Anwatu, Chinenye Ajumobi a tenacious business woman and the MD of Chinoby Green Ventures, Elijah Okoro a renowned cinematographer and the MD of Crimage media and Ifeanyi Kalu, a logistics expert. They emphasized that there is always a reward for hardwork and integrity. They also told their stories on how they were providing solutions in their various fields in an exceptional way. 3 outstanding people who do phenomenal things and go out of their way to make their community better given an award. Principal of Transekulu Girls Secondary School, Mrs. Fidelia Okpe and Enugu’s Power Twins Solomon and Gideon Okeke. CBN Kosi an exceptional music minstrel on the guitar led the audience through uplifting worship sessions and sang great tunes as she played the guitar in an enthralling manner. 

Telling the story of one of her awardees, Ifeoma said “I rewarded one amazing principal who I just discovered in a very short time and she blew my mind, and everyone who has heard her story has been blown away as well. She wears uniform to school, she is humble and does what she needs to do to provide solutions, she came down and saw young girls who were lacking motivation, girls who were not thinking they were anything because they were mostly house helps, dejected and abandoned and cases of abuse was so rampant and she decided to connect with them through wearing uniform. She came down to their level, this is a lady who is doing her PhD class at ESUT Business school and yet decided to lead by example. 

Giving reasons why she chose her event to be centered on people between the ages of 16-25 she added that “I felt much younger people than myself will be willing to come for this event and they are also the people who really need some level of direction and guidance. At that stage of their life they are just finishing secondary school still in University or rounding off from the university, so they’re the ones who need the guidance not to make some of the mistakes we made during our own time”. It was a very successful event and I am very glad that I followed my leading, every target was met. Sir Robert Awantu and many other people who believe in me supported the event and I am very thankful.

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