Gift Camille, the girlfriend of 30 Billion Gang’s signee, Lil Frosh, has finally opened up on the issue of domestic violence faced in the hands of the singer.

Earlier, Gift’s manager called out Lil Frosh for physically assaulting the lady almost to the point of death.

In a detailed note on Instagram, the victim of the abuse emphasized on never wanting to bring the issue to social media as it would only cause outrage like it has done already but have her life figured out with the help of family and friends who has been supporting her.

She wrote, “I knew coming out to talk wouldn’t be so good for me either cause this is Nigeria….Which is one of the reasons why I never talked.

“I have so many reasons for not speaking up and I’ll address all that soon…But I need to address this one …Please some of you should know this time ain’t easy for I and my family,

my siblings are really doing a lot for me, they’ve really tried for me, they are part of the people helping me get through this , at some point we all thought I was going to die,

I thought so too, we’ve cried alot together and they are really supporting me, honestly it’s not by social media posting, they not posting anything now doesn’t mean they don’t care…

“Please stop with the messages you’re sending, it’s not helping…My family loves me, if social media doesn’t know that, i’m glad i know that … and I’m happy to come from such family!

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