A trending video on social media shows the moment a woman took over the driver’s seat of a commercial bus in Lagos after the bus driver failed to reach the promised destination.

According to Twitter user @iamprofstar who shared the video, the incident happened because the driver failed to drop his passengers at Orile Bus Stop along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway and refused to give them their balance.

The video shows an elderly woman comandeering the steering wheel of the bus even as she stated that she was capable of driving a “Vanagon” urging the driver to bring the keys.

Other women could be seen demanding their change from the driver, even as he threatened to strip a lady.

In another video on the incident, the woman behind the wheels could be heard saying, “He told us he was going to Orile, Mama. You said Orile.”

It is a common trend for Lagos commercial drivers to discharge their passengers even before getting to the destination. They do this for reasons ranging from traffic jams, projected traffic jam, lack of fuel and sometimes, no apparent reason.

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