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Democracy Day: “I’ll say that President Tinubu has kept his campaign promises” – Peter Obi (Video)



Peter Obi
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In a surprising turn of events, Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has praised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for keeping his campaign promises.

Obi made this statement during a Democratic Day chat on Arise TV, acknowledging that Tinubu has indeed continued from where his predecessor, Buhari, left off.

Tinubu’s campaign promises included building a Nigeria that manufactures and exports more, creating jobs with decent wages, and making basic healthcare, education, and housing accessible and affordable for all.

While most of these promises are yet to be fulfilled, Obi notes that the President has kept his promise to continue from where Buhari stopped.

Obi also highlighted the significant increases in prices of essential commodities like fuel, diesel, rice, beans, yam, tomato, and bread, suggesting that Tinubu’s policies have led to inflation and economic hardship for Nigerians.

Charles Aniagolunand Peter Obi at Arise Prime Time

“I think President Tinubu has performed exceptionally well in his first year in office. I’ll say that President Tinubu has kept his campaign promises,” Obi said.

“Throughout his campaign, he consistently maintained that he would continue from where Buhari stopped and that he’s done very well.

“I’ll give him excellent passes. Dollar was N450, it’s now N1500. Fuel was about N238, it’s now about N700; diesel was N844, it’s now N1415; a bag of rice was N30000-N35000, it’s now about N80,000; a bag of beans was similar, N30,000-35000, it’s now about N90,000; a tuber of yam was about N2000-N3000, but now it’s about N10,000; tomatoe basket was about N40,000 and now it’s about N150,000; electricity was N66 per kilowatt but now it’s about N200, you can go on and on.

“Even bread, which is a basic thing other countries are subsidizing, small-medium bread was about N450 but is now N900. The big one is about N1500.”


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