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“Ubi Gave Me Only 145,000 off Tekno’s Career Even After Duro Made Over 30M”- Iyanya

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Iyanya is not ready to take a back seat on this issue between himself and Ubi Franklinconcerning their time as partners in Triple MG where the Kukere singer, Iyanya, revealed that Ubi betrayed him by omitting his name from their partnership contract.

Iyanya spilled more in his recent interview with Daddy Freeze where he opened up that he did not receive anything more than 145,000 naira from Teno’s career even though only Duro made 30 Million Naira.

Iyanya disclosed that this information was given to him by Tekno who also revealed to Iyanya that Ubi had told him (Tekno) that Iyanya does not like him (which explains why they haven’t been talking before then) and it was during this conversation that Tekno had revealed how much his song Duro made, thereby opening Iyanya’s eyes to the fact that he was being cheated by Ubi Franklin.

“Tekno told me that he won’t lie to me that since Duro came out that he has made over N30M. I had gotten only N145K from Tekno’s career for the whole time. Do you know why I was this open to him? I didn’t want him to think I was just here on the boss side, chopping your money and the whole thing, so I was like bro why would I hate you? I don’t even take your money…that’s how much I love you, I don’t go for your money because I know you are young and you just started so whatever you are making now, I cant struggle that stuff with you. He was like ‘no no no bro…i don’t think you understand me, I have made over N30M from Duro’. That was the first fight I had with Ubi, it was so serious,”

Iyanya revealed he later went to the Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC) to confirm and there he saw the contract he signed but this time, the contract was without his name and contained the names of Ubi Franklin’s brothers, a revelation that caused the first issue between and Ubi Franklin.

Speaking further, Iyanya revealed that there are so many people Ubi Franklin has hurt and it’s about time he stops hurting people because these acts of deceit and hurt are affecting the lives of many.

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