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“My daughter has been sick since she broke up with Naira Marley 13 years ago” – Mother cries out



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A Nigerian woman whose daughter dated Naira Marley and broke up with him 13 years ago has cried out for help online.

According to her, the young girl has been sick ever since she broke up with Naira Marley and ended their relationship.


In her words:

“Naira Marley met my daughter at the mosque some years ago when they were younger. I didn’t know who he was because I was not a social media person. I didn’t realise on time when my daughter mentioned him in the ongoing issue.

“I ran a mosque all through, I don’t know Naira Marley but I was told he met my daughter at that mosque and they dated. I was a businesswoman and since then I lost everything I’ve been treating my daughter since then and she’s not been okay since then.

“At a time, I was told my daughter still hears his voice and I called for help only for us to be told she may have been used. This now, she’s been mentally unstable. She still has his picture. My daughter is in problem now; neither alive or dead since over 11 years.

“Please help, I’ve been telling God to catch Naira Marley and free my daughter. My daughter won’t stop talking about him and he ruined her life. I live in London; hospitals have stopped attending to us. They call her with a voice at midnight and I don’t know how they do it. Please help me. Naira Marley wont make it in life and wont reap the fruit of his labour.”

Watch the video below:

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