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‘You Are Destroying APC In The Sout East’ Group Tells Sen. Ken Nnamani

..accuse the former senator of collecting money from a PDP governor to build APC office



Another pending issue is about to befall the South East Branch of the All Progressives Congress APC as the new Leadership of the South East foremost political pressure group known as the South East Political Watchdog has sworn to reveal all the evil deeds of the caretaker committee chairman of the Party in the zone.

Sen. Ken Nnamani

In a statement made by the New Coordinator and Publicity Secretary of the group, Nze Offiah Thomas and Dr Ezeh Jude in Ụmụahia after their inauguration on Thursday, the Group stated that one of the goals of the new Leadership is to jettison political robbery in the zone, starting from the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, where they accused the zonal caretaker committee chairman of Financial misappropriation with immeasurable proclivity to do more.

The group accused Sen Ken Nnamani of high handedness in the Management of the Affairs of the Party in the zone, making the Party more unpopular and causing Series of internal fracas within the Party.

According to them “Sen Ken Nnamani is an agent destruction to the Party in the zone”

“He has from the antecedents and body Languages proven to be a serial looter which has been confirmed by the way he has been handling the issue of the South East zonal Office alone, where over ₦500,000,000 were donated to the zone through him to erect a benefiting zonal Office for the Party “

” Our former Senate President instead of making proper Consultations with the owners of the Party in the region, decided to embark on such a gigantic project alone, making his Family members like, ONE PRINCESS ADA OGBU, the sole beneficiaries “

” In a sane society, considering the magnitude of the work, a committee was supposed to have been set up where all the Governors, ministers and State caretaker committee chairmen would be involved, to plan for the Office construction as well as the zonal rally, but none was done, because, the Senator likes to embezzle Public funds”

The Group also accused Princess Ada ogbu of being an agent of Financial impropriety, calling her “APC HUSHPUPPI”

“It is on record that the Ex Senate president has been conniving with One Princess Ada ogbu, who is his close relation to siphon the money”

“The use of the same Princess he used to cause disharmony in the Party during the 2019 General election in his Senatorial zone, has proven How callous and insensitive he can be”

“They wrote a script on how to suppress everything about the Funds which they are successfully fulfilling by their unnecessary fixing and postponement of the South East Zonal Rally”

“Princess Ada Ogbu is the ex-lawmkaers Hushpuppi in the zone”

“If not, Where on Earth do you fix a zonal political rally in a region bedevilled by insecurity if not to write off appropriated Funds ?”

“Is it not laughable that the rally has been postponed on 2 different occasions?”

“Had it been that they made proper constitution of a committee to plan the project and rally, it would not have been failing as it is doing now”

“It is high time we question Sen Ken Nnamani’s actual mission in the Party as he has been making the Party, a laughing stock amongst other zones”

“He has instead of unifying the Party, doing a lot to destroy it because, he has no single stake in the Party and does not consider it a viable tool for the Development of the zone”

The New Leadership of the South East Political Watchdog also applauded Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his good work in the state across political lines especially, for financing the zonal APC.

“Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a good man, he made a donation of ₦30,000,000 to Sen Ken Nnamani and provided 100 exotic rooms in 4 hotels in the city namely, Bestwestern Hotels, Catlemajestic, Aok land and Bon Sunshine Hotels”

“All these he did to assist APC through Sen Ken Nnamani but, he wouldn’t mention them because, he is a Born greedy man with an evil heart”

The group however, warned National Leadership of APC, to watch closely the people they are about hand the Affairs of the Party over to, as there is an already hatched plan by the PDP, to recover the Party by putting in their Moles at the helm of their Affairs.

“The Leadership of APC should be wary of who they hand over their Party Affairs to as the PDP, has schemed on how to infuse their Moles at the helm of their Affairs”

“The should never allow their core party members especially, those from the legacy parties that formed the Party to be pushed aside in the zone, if not, they are doomed.”

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