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APC National Convention: Group questions Sen. Ken Nnamani’s mission in APC

…SAYS he has an incurable love for disunity.



Ahead of the forth coming Congresses of the All Progressives Congress APC as well as their National convention, a known political group amongst the Party Members, by name : APC LEADERS FORUM has questioned and queried the actual motives and interest of the Party’s South East Caretaker Committee Chairman, Sen Ken Nnamani since he joined the Party.

In a statement made by the group’s President and Publicity Secretary, Engnr Ben Nnamani and Professor Xistus Ekwe and sent to Newsmen, the stated that, Sen Ken Nnamani has been a disaster to the growth of the Party in Enugu State since he entered the Party and has never relented in boosting of still keeping his shares in PDP Enugu State.

“Distinguished Senator Ken Nnamani should define his mission in APC”

“It has always been from one trouble to the other with series of internal war and imposition of candidates linked to him”

“His antics of divide and rule strategy is already working for him and i still wonders why he is Yet to be cautioned by the National Leadership of the Party”

“It is a known fact that our acclaimed Leader delivered his polling unit and ward to Atiku Abubakar and PDP during the 2019 General election with an excuse of giving APC 25% which he did do despite millions of naira appropriated by the Party through him for the election “

The group also frowned at the supposed stakeholders meeting called by the distinguished meeting which they had earlier questioned his powers in their previous press statement, called it an” Extended PDP’S MEETING”

“Without prejudice, Distinguished Senator Ken Nnamani needs to inform the core APC Enugu members his reason for calling a stakeholders meeting where he sidelined the core party people and disgraced others who came to the venue”

“How can he call for a stakeholders meeting where over 76% of the attendees are made up of core PDP people in APC who has never promoted the Party or boost of contributing meaningfully to the Party?”

“People who entered the Party without any followers talk less of even organizing their ward members”

“A stakeholders meeting where the major financier of the Party and State caretaker committee legal Adviser, was ignored”

“A Stakeholders meeting where a whole local Government like Enugu North that is regarded as the engine of any serious political Party who wants to win election be sidelined without any Representative and Despite their call for inclusion, they were blatantly told to “fuck-off” by his thugs stationed at the entrance”

“Where is it done that a father and son who came into the Party without even their other Family members be invited to the said stakeholders meeting at the expense of other core foundation Party members that even the name of the pioneer organizing Secretary of the Party in the State, and equally the first local Government Chairmanship candidate of the Party, who is from Enugu South Local Government was expunged”

” From the above attitudes of Sen Ken Nnamani, one would wonder what he intends to achieve with the said meeting, if not to cause more harm to the Party “

” It very clear that our elder statesman is on a sinister motive to make the Party an extended PDP Family and doing everything possible to intimidate the founding members out of the Party.”

The Group also stated that, the Ex-senate President’s renowned gluttony and elitist preference will fail him this time while also questioning where he would have been, had President Muhammadu Buhari lost the election in 2019.

They also called on the National Leadership of the Party to investigate the activities of the ex lawmaker, stating that, all the candidates he brought to the Party for contest for the 2019 General election, all vanished with the Party’s resources while others decamped back to their main Party, PDP.

” Sen Ken Nnamani is just an agent of doom in APC”

“one would wonder where he could have been if Buhari had lost in 2019 General election by now”

“A person who brought Hon Prince Lawrence Ezeh and others across the state to contest election on the platform of the Party in 2019 for Senate, Enugu East Senatorial zone”

“It is on record that none of these persons paid the Party agents nor mobilised the Party to execute the election rather, they collected over ₦2million naira meant for the wards and retired back to their hotel rooms”

“They collected the money meant for both the Party and agents, used tricks to collect the results from the Party agents and disappeared”

“It was Senator Ken Nnamani who advised Gbazuagu Nweke Gbazuagu to dump the Party and join APGA, after loosing 2018 primaries which we knew, affected the President Muhammadu Buhari’s fortune dearly during the election “

“The Same Ken who refused to join APC in 2014 when President Muhammadu Buhari sent Osita Okechukwu to go and beg him to join, but after seeing the fortunes and future of the Party, joined to make way for impunity, disharmony and core marginalisation of the founding members”

“Sen Ken Nnamani should be aware that the core party faithfuls are still angry with him but instead of apologising for his sins, he is still looking for a way of chasing the core party people out of the Party”

“He has to adhere to the advice of Sen Jim Nwobodo of playing the fatherly role and leaving the owners of the Party to run their Affairs as an elder statesman and new comer”

“We hereby call on the National body of the Party, to be wary of this wolf in sheep’s clothing as should he succeed in his recent strategy, the Party would be doomed forever in Enugu State”

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