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The Deputy National Chairman South of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Chief Emma Eneukwu has enjoined Nigerians to follow the path of progress and prosperity by ensuring that, massive support is given to Senator Ahmed Bolaji Tinubu to be our next president ; as he is a man that has shown immeasurable readiness to lead.

Chief Eneukwu made this known on Saturday through a new year message which he personally signed and sent to newsmen.

He stated that, Nigeria needs a leader with a proven capacity and ability to carry every body along, a leader who would leverage on the achievements of president Mohammadu Buhari’s leadership and put an end to some niggling issues perturbing the growth of our country.

He posited that, Tinubu has through his 80 page manifesto, shown Nigerians the importance of having him as the president at this point in time.

According to him “I wish to welcome Nigerians into a new year full of hope and assurances.

” Our country made significant progress in 2022 as we were able to conquer numerous impediments lamppoing our growth ; which has provided a path for a better Nigeria come 2023 if we can get it right and elect Senator Ahmed Bolaji Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress APC “

“Tinubu is a man whose antecedents speaks volume for him” a charismatic leader and team player that believes in abiding by the democratic principles at all times “

” As a Nigerian who loves my country so well, I feel that 2023 is the right time to have Tinubu as a president as he would leverage on the achievements of the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari and give us a country that would be enviable to others”

“It is very important that we jettison lies coming from people with negative antecedents,because all they want is to rule and not to lead” They have previously displayed that they are neophytes in providing progressive leadership for Nigerians.

“We can only have a new Nigeria when we support APC to continue ;so as to complete our redemption activities and programmes”

“A Look at Tinubu’s manifesto entitled” Renewed Hope 2023 – Action Plan for a Better Nigeria which will focus on national security, economy, agriculture, Power, oil and gas, transportation and education and other areas such as :healthcare, digital economy, women empowerment, judicial reform, federalism/decentralisation of power and foreign policy is a sign of greater things that will happen to us.

“The manifesto provided answers to issues affecting Nigerians especially those at the grassroot level”

“We cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity that comes once in a while”

Chief Eneukwu also stated the importance of political parties, jettisoning calumnious campaigns and focusing on issues as such would circumvent tensions and give everybody an opportunity to participate without fear.

He also advocated on the salience of prayers at all times for our country as it is only God that can make it a hitch free while also urging the electoral umpire, Independent National Electoral Commission Inec, to organise a free, fair credible and transparent election.

He berated the acts of killings under religious and sessesional guises and however, called for total retreats on attacks of Inec offices across the nation as such would endanger our country.

“I want to also use this opportunity to beg our Political leaders across the globe, to avoid campaigns that will create unnecessary tensions in the land”

“We cannot afford to do things that will malign each other as after elections, we will still have our own country to live and stay in”

“Campaign is an integral part of an electoral process which requires constructive arguments to convince and gather supporters and thus, shouldn’t be made an instrument of instilling violence or propagating hate speeches”

“There is also a need for us to pray fervently for our dear nation as this year comes with a lot of expectations” We must abide by God’s words and see each other as one ;not minding our political, religious or ethnic differences “

” We must as a matter of urgency, shun killings of different types, violence and attacks on critical infrastructures owned by Inec “

Such anomaly if not curtailed, could cause more harms than good to us”

“Our electoral umpire INEC, must work hard to organise a free, fair, credible and transparent election in line with the international best practices”

” I have a strong convincion that 2023 is the ideal year for our growth and development especially, with Tinubu as our president “


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