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In a concerted effort to promote education as a powerful tool for fostering peace, Mrs. Jennifer Hembafan Alih, The visionary leader/ Executive Director of Julebrama Women and Children Initiative (JUWACI) orchestrated a vibrant event on the International Day of Education.

The event, held at Junior Secondary School Karamajigi, kicked off at 10:05 a.m. on the 24th of January, 2023 and unfolded as a dynamic learning experience for all.

Attendance Breakdown:
33 Students (16 girls, 17 boys)
JS1: 10 students
JS2: 10 students
JS3: 13 students
4 Staff Members from the School
10 Volunteers from JUWACI


Highlights of the Event:

  • Enriching Theme Exploration on “Learning for Peace”
  • Insightful Health and Hygiene Session by Dr. Jennifer
  • Engaging Conflict Resolution Drama for Practical Learning
  • Empowering Introduction of JUWACI’s Initiatives by a Volunteer
  • Joyful Interactive Game and Token Rewards for Participants
  • Souvenirs and Refreshments to Express Appreciation
  • Commemorative Group Photograph to Capture the Day’s Spirit
  • JUWACI’s Thoughtful Dustbin Donation for Sustainable School Management
  • Heartening Student Interviews Reflecting the Event’s Impact
  • Closing with the Symbolic Recitation of the Nigerian Pledge

Opening Prayer and Welcoming Address:
The principal graciously invited Mrs. Stella Felix, a dedicated volunteer, to lead the opening prayer, setting a tone of unity and shared purpose. Following the introduction of JUWACI volunteers, the project team lead, Mr. Sani Majiebo, took the stage as the event’s moderator, officially initiating the proceedings.

Theme Exploration: Learning for Peace:
Mr. Sani Majiebo delved into the theme of the day, “Learning for Peace,” providing insights that ignited contemplation among the gathered students. Emphasizing education as a catalyst for fostering peaceful coexistence, his words resonated with the young minds in attendance.

Health and Hygiene Insights:
Dr. Jennifer, a devoted volunteer, enriched the students’ understanding of health and hygiene. Her informative session empowered the children with valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating a hygienic environment.

Conflict Resolution Drama:
A captivating drama unfolded, showcasing effective conflict resolution strategies within a school setting. Two students actively participated, embodying the principles elucidated during the event.

Introduction of JUWACI to the students by a Volunteer:
Hembafan Ukange Monica, a JUWACI volunteer, took the opportunity to introduce JUWACI to the students. Her engaging presentation illuminated the organization’s commitment to education, health, and empowerment initiatives.

Interactive Game and Rewards:
To infuse a sense of joy and camaraderie, Mr. Emmanuel Avertse, the manager, organized a lively game that brought smiles to the faces of the children. Tokens and rewards for the game winners added an element of excitement.

Souvenirs, Refreshments, and Group Photograph:
Attendees, including teachers and students, were treated to souvenirs and refreshments as tokens of appreciation. A heartwarming group photograph captured the shared enthusiasm and unity of purpose.

Dustbin Donation by JUWACI:
In a thoughtful gesture toward sustainable school management, JUWACI donated a dustbin to Junior Secondary School Karamajigi. The contribution reflects the organization’s commitment to fostering a clean and conducive learning environment.

Student Interviews and Nigerian Pledge:
Mr. Sani Majiebo engaged with students, capturing their reflections on the event. The gathering concluded with a recitation of the Nigerian Pledge, symbolizing the commitment to collective progress.

The International Day of Education celebration at Junior Secondary School Karamajigi not only imparted valuable knowledge but also fostered a spirit of unity and empowerment among the students. JUWACI remains dedicated to nurturing young minds for a future marked by peace, knowledge, and positive change.


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