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Rita Dominic Fires Back at Critics: “Embrace Any Platform to Let Your Creative Energy Flow”



Rita Dominic
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Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has responded to a social media user who mocked her for accepting a movie role considered beneath her status in the industry.

The user, responding to Rita’s participation in the reality TV show “Lekki Wives,” suggested that there are certain projects that the actress should “grow out of” and that her involvement in the show was “common.”

Rita Dominic took to social media to address the criticism, urging her fellow actors to ignore such comments and embrace any platform that allows them to express their creativity.


“Dear Actors, only people who have no artistic integrity at all speak in this way,” she wrote. “If you listen to them, you will soon start to believe that you are more important than the industry that birthed you. As an actor, you should find a way to let your creative energy flow. Keep leveling up your skills, regardless of exhausting remarks like this, because knowledge is continuous – yours truly, Rita.”

Rita’s response has sparked a wave of support from her fans and colleagues, who have praised her for standing up for artistic freedom and the importance of embracing creative opportunities.

This incident highlights the ongoing debate about the value and respect accorded to Nollywood actors and the industry as a whole. As the Nigerian entertainment industry continues to evolve, it is clear that talented professionals like Rita Dominic will continue to shine and inspire others to do the same.

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