Five crew members of ‘Mission: Impossible 7’, an action spy film, have reportedly abandoned the project following another outburst by Tom Cruise, the lead actor in the upcoming movie.

The American filmmaker had earlier slammed two members of the crew after they were spotted flouting COVID-19 protocols on set.

According to The Sun UK, Cruise embarked on another rant on Tuesday night — a development which worsened the brewing controversies in the camp.

A source told the media outlet that “several staff” have walked away since his second rant which happened after footage of his first outburst became public.

“The first outburst was big but things haven’t calmed since. Tension has been building for months and this was the final straw. Since it became public there has been more anger and several staff have walked,” the source was quoted as saying.

“But Tom just can’t take any more after all the lengths they have gone to just to keep filming at all. He’s upset others aren’t taking it as seriously as him. In the end, he’s the one who carries the can.”

After initial delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, filming of the movie, billed for release in November 2021, has resumed in the UK.

In February, the shooting of the movie in Italy was halted amid surging COVID-19 cases in the country at that time.

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