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Residents in Shock as Dead mum resurfaces in Enugu



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In what seems to be a great shock to the entire occupants of no 38 Moore House Ogui, Enugu, a woman who has been alleged to have died in March 2022, miraculously showed up in her daughter’s shop, looking for her.

According to reports, a middle aged single mother of 3, by name :Obiọma Odoh from Ikpakpara, Aguamaede in Isi ụzọ local Government Area of Enugu State had earlier in the month march, told the denizens that, her mum was dead and lying in Eastern Nigeria medical centre, Enugu.

The news attracted sympathy from friends within that, they started making contributions to her, as she claimed to be impecunious to Carter for her funeral.

The mother by name :Mrs Felicia Odoh having not heard from her daughter for months, came in search of her, last week only to be greeted with rejection by people who know and saw her.

Suprised by the said act, the stranded woman starting shouting which attracted the concern of passers by, before narrating her story.

According to her ” I was not dead as you can see, I am very healthy. I have not seen my daughter since March and I came around to search for her”. People should stop seeing me as a ghost because, I am hale and healthy “

The main shocker came when the said girl was called and she refused to come until she was tricked into coming to her shop; only to come and deny her mum in the presence of everybody.

Mrs Felicia did everything possible to prove to the people around that, she is her mum, only to be denied and worked out by her daughter.

The matter was reported to Ogui Police station before people dispersed.

However, another story came up on Sunday as neighbours who went on a clandestine visit to her place confirmed that, her father was supporting her and claimed equally, that her wife, who is alive died in March this year.

It was reported that, she has denied all her daughters and has been involved in series of blackmails to men living around the said vicinity.

Speaking to newsmen in the condition of anonymity, one of the residents of Moore House Street described the lady as a. Wicked soul.

He stated that, she has been busy, blackmailing the street guys but because of her innocent look, people do support her.

“obiọma is evil. This is a girl who once accused 4 innocent guys of raping her and made the guys to pay her a sum of ₦500,000 compensation because, they didn’t want the case to progress”

“she has denied all her daughters and have even collected money from people around, to prepare her mum’s funeral”

“we have decided to sent her out of the street because, she is evil and heartless”

When interviewed, the accused accepted the allegations and Publicly begged her mum forgiveness.

She stated that,she was hypnotised by a strange spirit which has even made her to be beating her daughter, who is above 13 years.

The matter was taken back to Ogui police station as at the time of this report.

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