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Video: Polygamy is part of our culture – Akon



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Senegalese-American singer, Akon says polygamy for men is part of the African culture.

He added that nature did not design men to be with just one woman.

Akon, who claimed to have six children with three different women back in 2007, made the assertion on The Zeze Millz Show.

He said that Western culture has constructed monogamy as the ideal for men and women, arguing that this negates nature.

Asked to state his view on polygamy, Akon said, “Polygamy is normal because it is culture for us (Africans).”

He added, “The flaw that the Western world has is that they created all these rules, first of all, without putting nature into account.”

According to him, Western culture’s disdain for polygamy stems from an obsession with population control, saying it is almost equivalent to “playing God”.

“So rules are set in place to control the population. When you go to some Third World countries in Africa, India and some parts of Asia, they’ll tell you that we’re overpopulated (but) there is no such thing.

“Do you know how big the globe is? Do you know how many spaces that are completely empty, that have nothing but animals and trees that we still haven’t facilitated with people yet?”

Akon said that the human species is very intelligent but “sometimes we’re too smart for our own good”.

“If you look at any other species, they live by nature’s law, not men’s law. Do you think they’ll be able to survive if they live under men’s law? Absolutely not.

“The reason there is no conflict with other species when it comes to anything domestic is that they follow nature’s law.”

Citing the example of a pride of lions, Akon said that the male lion defines the pride’s territory and has a number of female lions under it.

He said that these female lions do the hunting and bring food back to the pride and the male lion takes its duty of protecting the pride very seriously.

The singer noted that even when the male lion wanders off, mates with other female lions that are not of the pride and returns to the pride, the female lions in the pride do not attack the male lion.

He said that human relationships could be that awesome if only humans can follow the laws of nature.

Akon further explained that men have taken time to understand women but women do not take the time to understand men.

He said that women, being more intelligent and more organised than men, would control the world if only they could take out time to really understand how men think.

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