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Tiktok’ #LevelUpAfrica Nigeria helps creators set themselves up for success



TikTok, the world’s leading entertainment platform, is committed to nurturing and supporting the inherent creativity of Nigerian creators through its #LevelUpAfrica Programme. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for a cohort of creators to unlock their creative potential, enhance their TikTok skills, and embark on a journey to build their personal brands for eventual economic gain in the creator economy.

Launched in 2021, the #LevelUpAfrica Programme offers a variety of resources and support to creators, including educational workshops on TikTok’s creative tools and features, as well as best practices for creating engaging and informative content; one-on-one mentorship from experienced TikTok creators; access to exclusive events and networking opportunities and financial support to help creators produce high-quality content. TikTok is proud to be a partner in the growth and success of Nigerian creators.

Bianca Sibiya, Head of Content Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasises TikTok’s commitment to the programme, saying, “TikTok #LevelUpAfrica aims to stand as Nigeria’s leading content creator education programme.”

The TikTok #LevelUpAfrica Programme benefits, include:

  • Content support: Creators receive guidance and support from experienced TikTok professionals to help them create high-quality, engaging content.
  • Product tools training: Creators learn to use TikTok’s creative tools and features to their full potential.
  • Exclusive events and masterclasses: Creators have access to exclusive events and masterclasses where they can learn from and network with other creators, industry experts, and brands.
  • Creator collaboration: The programme facilitates collaboration between creators, which can help them reach a wider audience and achieve success on the platform.
  • Brand and agency partnerships: The programme connects creators with opportunities to work with brands and agencies, which can help them monetise their content and build their careers.

Proudly Nigerian content creator Edna Francis shows great appreciation towards the programme as she says it has opened up significant opportunities for brand collaborations and creating content for entertainment publishers. “The TikTok #LevelUpAfrica programme has helped me double-down on my niche because when I first started reviewing movies and TV shows, I wasn’t sure where the road would lead. The programme guided me in expanding my content offering to be visible to brands. Now, I have scaled the quality of my content up a notch.”

The #LevelUpAfrica Nigeria event was brilliantly highlighted, imprinting a memorable mark on the canvas with the presence of remarkable trailblazing TikTok creators. The event welcomed Dan Brown, The Artist known for his captivating storytelling; Miss Ezeani, adored for her fascinating content; Crys Chan Cosplay, adding an extra splash of colour; and the unique El Suizzaine, revered for her creativity. Their presence at this prestigious event served as a beacon, illuminating Africa’s vast and dynamic landscape of TikTok creativity.


The impact of the TikTok #LevelUpAfrica Nigeria programme has been extraordinary, with hundreds of creators already benefitting from this unique opportunity by growing their personal brands, ultimately contributing to their financial success and alternative career paths. As they continue to level up their content creation abilities, they inspire and motivate others within the digital African community. The #LevelUpAfrica Programme is a testament to TikTok’s commitment to supporting the African creative community.

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