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Enugu: “Call Sen. Nnamani to order” Group warns APC

“The Leadership of the APC LEADERS FORUM, Enugu State Chapter, are worried about the silence of APC Leadership over the anti party and anti progress actions of Sen Ken Nnamani”



The Leadership of the APC LEADERS FORUM, Enugu State Chapter has advised the National Leadership of the All Progressives Congress APC to as a matter of urgency, call Senator Ken Nnamani to order, as his recent activities in the Party in the zone especially Enugu State has not in any way, represented the virtues of President Muhammadu Buhari, but to satisfy his selfish gains.

According to a statement signed by the Group’s National Secretary, Dr Charles Ogbu PhD. the group stated that Senator Ken Nnamani has started factionalising the Party in Enugu by calling for a Party meeting in the state without involving the party’s Leadership claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari asked him to contest for Presidency.

They posited that they are yet to comprehend the actual intention of Sen Ken Nnamani since he joined APC and why he would always be calling Party meetings without involving any its organs.

“The Leadership of the APC LEADERS FORUM, Enugu State Chapter, are worried about the silence of APC Leadership over the anti party and anti progress actions of Sen Ken Nnamani”

“Is it not an aberration that, since the National Leadership of the Party directed for an equal Right for every member of the Party, irrespective of when the time, tribe and social status, that this has never been abided by, in Enugu.

” why is Enugu’s own different?”

“Why would appointments meant for genuine Party members, always shared amongst Family members of Sen Ken Nnamani and Geoffrey Onyeama?”

“The duo has been Empowering their blood relations alone and weakening the grassroot”

“They are still imposing their Family members to lead the Party so as to make it a known PDP extension.”

“They have been disregarding the bottom-up approach principles, provided by President Muhammadu Buhari as the safest and surest way of promoting internal democracy in Party administration”

The group also accused Sen Ken Nnamani of conniving with the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs , Hon Geoffrey Onyeama, to organise an endorsement meeting of their cronies in the Party in disguise, with an intention of fixing them into juicy Party positions ahead of the forth coming Congresses .

” They have taken their divide and rule asinine game to another level by calling for a meeting to affirm Chief Fidel Ayogu, a renowned PDP Enugu technocrat in failure, as the State chairman of APC , Favour Eze, the Hon Ministers’ Pa, Favour Ezs as the secretary, Chief Okenwa who was a former PDP Enugu deputy Chairman that joined APC barely 6 months ago with his son as the State Deputy chairman, “

” It should be worthy of note that, these 2 elements has no regards for the electoral Victory of APC in Enugu State “

” They have never attended any ward meeting neither have they empowered any of our Party members”

“The Leadership of the caretaker committee led by Barr Dr Ben Nwoye, has done a lot of Work to harmonise the Party, so as to form a formidable Force that will take over the political Leadership of the state”

“it is high time they are called to order, elss the Party would be doomed forever”

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