Video: Lady Allegedly Ran Mad Shortly After Being dropped By a Benz at Okpara Square Enugu.

Multiple facebook users have posted videos of a lady who allegedly ran mad in Okpara Square Enugu. So far the reason for her madness is yet to be ascertained as one facebook user alleged she was dropped from a MERCEDES BENZ CAR . Watch video blow

Umu Udo Odinana Igbo.

53 mins · 

Enugu gals pls be careful, was at okpara square today doing shoot with someone one when this gal and her friend came down from keke and she ran mad ….just be careful were you go this days plsss

Reagan Akomor

6 hrs · 

Another Slay Queen runs mad after allegedly drop from #MercedesBenz atOkpara square Enugu today

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