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A Must Read: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner


It is funny to realize how time flies, people learn and change, and things happen. We can never change things in the past. But have you ever wished you knew something earlier? Here are the 5 things to live by:


1.    We can’t please everyone.
Many of us, have spent half of our time just being bothered by opinions and words of the others.
And you know what? No one cares about us that much. Those who have expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with us, cannot even remember who we are the day after.


2.    We can do whatever we want.

The only thing that makes you truly happy and successful is believing in yourself and keeping moving forward. If you know this now, you will have more time to do what you like, to create your own joy, and to build up more meaningful relationships.


3.    The only thing that we can control is ourselves.

If you want to be respected, its important to learn how to respect others and make yourself worthy of respect. If you want to change anything, you have to change yourself first.


4.    Live in the moment.

If you are always living in fear of an uncertain future can you really enjoy the current moment to the fullest? is worrying about the money you might have or being obsessed with who you would be.
Wake up everyday, see the sun, stay healthy, do want you want, have a clear future and make every effort to accomplish it.


5.    The less we own, the more freedom we have.

In general, what we want is always more than what we really need. At the same time it will cost you more time and more responsibility.
Instead of worrying too much about the possessions, care more about the value of your true self – your soul, your health and your knowledge. With all of them, you will see the differences.



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