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Update on Usain Bolt’s Missing $12.7 Million



The Kenyan government has decided to reach out to the FBI as they look to unravel a fraud case involving a private investment firm where $12.7 million belonging to renowned sprinter Usain Bolt went missing.

The money missing from the organization does not only being to Bolt but also to elderly clients and government agencies. However, the total amount that was stolen is still not known, according to AP.

The minister of finance in Jamaica, Nigel Clarke said that investigation into Kingston-based Stocks and Securities Limited is just starting, so it’s not immediately clear exactly how much money was allegedly stolen or how many people were affected. He said clients were given false statements regarding their balances as part of the alleged fraud.

The anger and unease we all feel have been magnified by the long duration of 13 years over which the fraud was allegedly perpetrated, and the fact that the (suspects) seemed to have deliberately and heartlessly targeted elderly persons, as well as our much loved and respected national icon.

Clarke said the government also will seek forfeiture of any assets that might have been bought with the alleged stolen funds.

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