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Nigerians abroad take on jobs they refuse to do at home – Remi Tinubu



Remi Tinubu
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First Lady of Nigeria, Remi Tinubu has said that Nigerians who relocate abroad take on jobs they refuse to do at home.

Speaking in an interview, she stressed the importance of Nigerians supporting each other and assisting those in need rather than spending extravagantly on leisure activities.

She added that despite the fact that she believes in social development, she believes that help should be rendered to those who truly need it as the government can’t feed the whole nation.


The First Lady expressed the belief that those who are blessed with resources have a responsibility to support the less privileged.

Remi Tinubu also addressed the perception of poverty in Nigeria, noting that individuals without material possessions such as cars and houses are often labeled as poor, despite their circumstances.

Furthermore, she pointed out the irony of highly educated Nigerians ending up in menial jobs abroad, such as cab driving, which they would not consider in their homeland, despite their qualifications and certifications.

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