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Man sells his supermarket for N40m, relocates family abroad, wife “betrays” him in Canada



A man described how a family man sold his supermarket in Lagos state for N40 million in order to relocate his wife and children to Canada.

When he arrived in Canada, he became homesick. He and his family agreed that he would return home while they remained abroad.

Despite the fact that he was in Nigeria, the man sent them money from his small business back home.

His wife went to school, finished her education, and had better opportunities in Canada for many years.

According to @nigeriacrime in a TikTok video, when things in Nigeria became difficult for the man, he relocated abroad for the second time to be with his family.

Things became difficult for him when the woman he had spent a lot of money on began to complain about how their living expenses were eating into her income and the man could not find a good job abroad.

Some of the reactions are outlined below:

Opeyemi 2435 said: “Sometimes I wonder why people who have over 40M relocates abroad, abroad is for the hustlers not for people that are very comfortable in their country.”

clementina ogheneovo said: “All these happens when you marry people who lacks kindness, empathy,respect and so on.”

SuperyGold said: “Anything you doing for your wife make sure you have a backup plan very important.”

user8389993858567 said: “Any woman will leave a man the moment her life upgraded above her man – especially she has more money. It’s over – start over my man!”

Jay Bless said: “Leave the house and start afresh in the same country… God bless.”

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