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Dammy Krane Alleges Davido’s Involvement in Tagbo’s Death



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Nigerian musician Dammy Krane has made serious allegations against fellow artist Davido, claiming that Davido instructed Tagbo to consume an excessive amount of Tequila on his 40th birthday, leading to Tagbo’s death.

Dammy Krane alleges that Davido then abandoned Tagbo in a car until he passed away. These accusations, shared via social media, have sparked significant controversy, with many expressing shock and demanding evidence to substantiate the claims.

Some speculate on Dammy Krane’s motives, suggesting he is seeking attention or attempting to revive his career through controversy. However, others are concerned about the gravity of the allegations and call for a thorough investigation. Meanwhile, some users question why Dammy Krane hasn’t been invited for questioning if he possesses such crucial information.

The allegations highlight the complexities and tensions within the Nigerian music industry and raise questions about accountability and responsibility. Davido has yet to respond to these allegations.

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