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Creation of African Music category at Grammys, God’s timing – Davido



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Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, aka Davido, has described the creation of the Best African Music Performance category at the Grammys as “God’s timing.”

In a recent interview with France 24, the singer was asked whether the addition of an African music category at the Grammys was timely or not, and he responded that it was “God’s timing.”

He, however, said African music and culture have always been “dominant” but just starting to get global spotlight.

The host asked, “What do you think about this new category, the Best African Music Performance that has now been added to the Grammys, late to the party or right on time?”

Davido responded, “God’s timing is the best. African music has been dominant for years. So if you’re asking me if we should have gotten recognition since, yeah, definitely. But things take time. As I said, God’s timing is the best.

“And I am really happy about this new category, not just for myself but my fellow nominees. It’s very beautiful given that people back home can make African music and win a Grammy. That’s really amazing to see. So I would say God’s timing, I wouldn’t say late.”

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