Celebrities join in the conversation over whether it’s appropriate to tell an interviewer they smell nice after a recruiter shared her story

The number 1 trending gist on twitter, all began after a recruiter Shared her experience of how a prospective employee told her “you smell nice” and she warned him that It was rude Of him to tell her such.

The tweet quickly went viral and while some supported her and said it is an inappropriate behaviour, some said her reaction to a simple compliment was way overboard.

OAP Freeze reacted to the tweet by saying the job seeker wasn’t rude but his statement was inappropriate. Timi Dakolo In his post seems to be  taking the job seeker’s side.

Some recruiters on Twitter weighed in to reveal that, according to interview etiquette, it is advisable to compliment the recruiter based on their achievements, not on their physical attributes.

This Argument has been a trending Topic ever since it hit social media,take a look At some of the tweets below.

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